Cloud Managed Services

Cloud has become the default plaUorm for every digital use case. Ready IT infrastructure is the backbone of modern enterprise. The Cloud is more than just technology, so Nabla’s services encompass the resources, workforce, and culture. Managing your IT infrastructure can be costly, both in hard dollars and in human resources. By simplifying and streamlining your processes and freeing up resources, you can focus on strategic business initiatives, optimize costs, and leave the day-to-day management to us.

Nabla’s Cloud Managed Services can help you design, build, and manage comprehensive cloud solutions. Nabla helps in maximizing value in the cloud by modernizing applications and developing enterprise data architecture by optimizing infrastructure. Nabla includes strategies for success focusing on value, aligning the organization behind the program, and considering tools carefully.

Nabla checks all the boxes like Cloud Deployment, Cloud Migration, monitoring, orchestration, Backup & Disaster Recovery, DevOps, Application Management, Cloud Security, and Cloud Optimization to provide end to end solution to our customers. Nabla helps in architecting, building, and managing solutions that simplifies organization’s processes and workflows which helps in cutting down costs drastically. Nabla’s Managed Cloud Services helps their clients focus on business strategy.



1. Continuous integration
2. Continuous testing
3. Continuous Deployment
4. Monitoring
5. Reporting
6. Configuration Management


Data Management

1. Architecture
2. Master data & Meta data management
3. Database system management
4. Quality control
5. Integration definition
6. Warehousing
7. Transformation
8. Governance


Cost Optimization

1. Assess usage patterns
2. Analysis of collected data
3. Implementation of recommended actions
4. Monitoring, regular evaluation, reporting


Security Services

1. Identify web vulnerabilities
2. Threat prevention
3. Access control management
4. Data protection
5. Network and infrastructure security
6. Audits


Infrastructure as Code

1. Infrastructure automation
2. Configuration management
3. Version control management
4. Automated testing
5. Deployment automation
6. Change management


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